Professional Bird Control

Residential Bird Control

Dealing with Pigeons and other Birds in Your Space

Birds come near where people live to find food and a comfy spot to stay. They often build nests on roofs, under solar panels, balconies, and in small openings in walls. Unfortunately, this can cause damage to buildings and create safety problems.

Pigeons and birds like mynas, sparrows, crows, starlings may carry diseases, and some of these can be passed on to people and other animals. The diseases usually spread when people come into contact with the birds' droppings, feathers, or breath.

Common Bird Control at Home

Bird Protection for Solar Panels:

Are pesky pigeons causing disruptions by nesting under your solar panels, potentially jeopardizing their efficiency? Explore effective strategies and learn how to safeguard your solar investment from unwanted avian guests. Discover proven methods that not only protect your panels but also ensure the continued effectiveness of your solar energy system.

>> Bird control for solar panels

Bird Netting for Balcony or Terrace:

Do pigeons disrupt the tranquility of your outdoor living spaces, turning your balcony or terrace into a mess? Uncover practical solutions to prevent them from roosting and making your outdoor environment unpleasant. From bird netting to other effective measures, find out how to reclaim your outdoor space and enjoy it without the nuisance of bird-related issues.

DIY Bird Deterrents for Gardens:

Is your garden a target for birds seeking to pilfer your fruits and disrupt your hard work? Learn about bird netting and various DIY bird deterrents to protect your garden bounty. From simple and effective measures to more advanced solutions, discover the tools and strategies to safeguard your crops and create a harmonious coexistence with your feathered neighbors.

Bird Spikes for Roof and Windowsills:

Are pigeons turning your roof and windowsills into their favorite resting spots, causing a nuisance? Explore the benefits of using bird spikes, also known as anti-roosting spikes, as an effective solution.

Discover how these humane and practical devices make it uncomfortable for birds to perch, deterring them from creating disturbances on your roof and windowsills.

Bird Control for the Attic:

Have you noticed birds making themselves at home in your attic? Understand why their presence is not as harmless as it may seem and explore effective strategies for dealing with this issue.

From addressing hygiene concerns to preventing structural damage, learn why prompt action is essential and how professional bird control services can ensure a safe and bird-free attic environment.

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