How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Your Roof

How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Your Roof

Potential Roof Damage Caused by Birds

Pigeons and other birds can damage your roof if you do not take any measures to deter them.

Other damages caused by birds on roofs

Structural Damage

Birds attempting to access building interiors by pecking or creating holes in roofing materials can compromise structural integrity.

Beyond the physical damage, unsightly bird droppings on roofs and ledges mar the building's appearance.

Health Hazards

Pigeons and other birds are carriers of diseases, making their presence not only unsightly but also a potential health risk.

Droppings can transmit diseases, fostering the growth of fungi responsible for histoplasmosis.

Preventive Measures for Bird Damage

If birds keep causing issues or if it's a big problem, it's a good idea to get help from bird experts. At Anticimex, we've been solving bird problems for a long time. We can give you a good solution that follows the rules about controlling birds in Singapore.

Other usual spots in and around your home where birds like to live

Gardens, Sheds, Fruit Trees or a Vegetable Garden

If you've planted fruits or other crops in your garden, you might know the issue. Your fruits are growing well, but pigeons, sparrows, or magpies try to take them.

To keep these thieves away and protect your garden, it's crucial to put up some fine-mesh bird netting or try other do-it-yourself bird protection methods.

In the attic

People often wonder if having birds in the attic is a problem. At first, it might seem harmless if they find a way in and quietly build nests.

However, their presence becomes noticeable when they start making noise. Pigeons, for example, aren't very clean; their droppings smell bad and can damage surfaces.

Having birds in the attic can also bring health concerns since they can spread diseases. If you need to go to the attic regularly and it's infested with birds, you might develop breathing or lung problems.

Additionally, birds need materials to build their nests, like small branches, sticks, soft stuff, and leaves. If your roof is made of thatch, they might pick it apart, leading to leaks. Some birds are also known for stealing shiny items and keeping them in their nests.

Can you make pigeons go away without affecting other birds?

People often enjoy having parakeets, robins, house sparrows, jays, and other smaller birds around but prefer to keep pigeons, magpies, crows away. While it may be a bit tricky, here are some things you can try.

1. Use Wide-Mesh Netting:

Put up netting with wide holes on your balcony. This lets small birds like house sparrows through but keeps larger birds out.

2. Cover Pigeon Spots:

Use netting, spikes, or wires to cover places where pigeons like to land or rest. Make sure trees don't get too dense, as this can create hidden spots for nesting. Keep your hedges neat, as smaller birds like to nest in them.

3. Cut Off Food Sources:

Cover your trash cans and clean up food spills to eliminate food sources. Pigeons have a great memory for finding food, so avoid feeding them.

4. Use Bird Feeders Smartly:

Hang bird feeders with small perches and openings. This attracts various birds but makes it harder for pigeons to land or stick their heads in. You can also try caged or weight-activated bird feeders. If all else fails, take away the bird feeder for a while.

5. Get Professional Help:

Call a pest control company that specializes in birds. They know a lot about bird behaviors and can guide you on deterring specific birds like crows, magpies while keeping smaller birds around.

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