signs of a bird infestation

Signs of a Bird Infestation

Signs of a Bird Infestation

  • Many birds in the city: Seeing big groups on roofs and streets.
  • Birds and litter: Lots of trash with birds checking it out.
  • Too much bird droppings: Finding lots on sidewalks, cars, and buildings.
  • Building damage from droppings: Structures and statues getting harmed.
  • Brave birds taking food: Some birds boldly grabbing from hands or plates.

Safety Risks

Bird droppings have acid that speeds up the damage to buildings.

Lots of droppings can make bridges and structures weak because of their weight and acid. This is a big safety problem.

Bird droppings can also block gutters, leading to leaks and roofs sinking.

Additionally, bird nests, being heavy, can harm roofs and even start fires.

Extra Cleaning, Repair, Replace and Maintenance Expenses

Bird droppings have a lot of uric acid, which can seriously damage some materials.

When the droppings touch things like metal, stone, concrete, and paint, they cause a chemical reaction. This reaction breaks down and dissolves the material because the uric acid reacts with the metal ions or cement compounds.

This means people have to clean up the droppings often and correctly, adding more costs for homeowners, businesses, and cities.

Ugly Buildings and Street Furniture

Bird droppings doesn't look good on buildings and street furniture. It makes benches dirty, so people can't sit comfortably.

When sculptures, walls, and cars are covered in bird droppings, it's not a nice view and makes living less enjoyable.

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