How to Get Rid of Pigeons on Your Roof

Bird Protection for Solar Panels

Damage Caused by Birds to Solar Panels

Without proper deterrent measures, pigeons can inflict significant damage to your solar panels. It's crucial to take preventive steps to avoid these issues.

Preventing Bird Damage to Solar Panels

It's crucial to handle solar panels with care to avoid any damage or impact on their performance.

If you're unsure about implementing these preventive measures, seek advice from professionals experienced in bird control for solar panels to ensure these measures won't affect the solar system's functionality.

Other Ways to Prevent Them from Roosting Beneath the Panels

Seal Gaps and Entry Points

Examine the space around the solar panels and close off any openings where birds might enter. Use materials like wire mesh, caulking, or metal flashing to block potential access points.

Deterrent Objects

Place visual deterrents close to the solar panels to frighten birds away, including reflective items (CDs, aluminum tape, etc.), scare balloons, or decoys mimicking predators.

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