Pest Control for Educational Institution

Pest Control for Educational Institution

Tailor-made solutions for your educational institution

To provide optimal conditions for children, they need a safe environment. Anticimex protects schools and private institutions across the country with tailor-made preventive solutions that protect students from poisoning, as well as ensure damage to buildings.

Preventive tips for your schools

  • Dry goods should be stored in plastic containers with lids. This makes it easier to detect and prevent against any insects that may come with such products.
  • Do not store or place toy boxes etc. close to the outer wall as this can provide a hiding place for rodents.
  • Make sure to keep the outside clean and tidy, especially when it comes to waste management.
  • Keep the kitchen and pantry tidy to avoid too many food sources for ants.

Anticimex Pest Control focuses on prevention

We prevent pest infestations and combat every problem with the least possible use of pesticides. Each individual pest program is tailored to the specific circumstances and individual needs of each nursery, ensuring a long-term solution and minimizing the chance of rodent outbreaks.

We have combined our knowledge of pests with innovative technology to create an effective, preventive and unique program called Anticimex Smart. Using digital traps, sensors and cameras, the activity of rats and mice is monitored 24 hours a day completely non-toxic. This ensures that we can monitor deviations and alarms in real time, and act quickly and efficiently before the pest problems grow too large. Anticimex also conducts regular on-site inspections. The pest program is adapted to each individual customer.

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