Birds Can Spread Harmful Diseases to Humans

Tips to Prevent Damage from Birds

Understanding the Impact: How Birds Affect Our Spaces

Ever wondered about the havoc birds can wreak? Well, pigeons, mynas, sparrows, crows may seem harmless, but their droppings pack a punch. The acidity in their droppings speeds up the wear and tear of building materials, potentially weakening structures like bridges. Accumulated droppings can become heavy troublemakers, causing damage and leaks in gutters and even sinking roofs.

But that's not all—pigeon nests add another layer of concern. The weight of these nests can harm roofs, and in some extreme cases, even lead to a fire hazard. Stay informed and discover how to protect your spaces from these avian challenges!

How to prevent birds from roosting on your property

Simple trick to stop pigeons from causing trouble:

Birds can't resist a good snack of fruits and veggies. To keep them away from your crops, cover your garden or crop area with bird netting. Make sure the netting is secure and covers everything, so there are no gaps for sneaky birds to get through.

Easy Ways to Keep Birds Away on Your Own

Cut Off Their Food and Water Supply:

Make sure your trash cans are sealed tightly, don't leave food outside unattended, and get rid of any standing water. This way, birds won't have anything to eat or drink on your property.

Play with Their Eyes:

Try hanging shiny stuff like aluminum foil strips, CDs, or reflective tape. The flashes of light and movement might surprise and scare away pigeons and other birds.

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