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What Do Seagulls Look Like?

  • Gulls vary in size, ranging from medium to large depending on the species, with approximately 102 known species. Their average size falls between 29cm and 76cm, and they are robustly built birds.
  • Most seagulls are predominantly white with gray wings or entirely gray. They feature a distinctive yellow-red pointed beak with black markings on their head and beak.
  • Their feet are webbed.
  • For smaller species, the young acquire their plumage after 2 years, while larger species may take up to 4 years to reach maturity.

In Singapore, the most common Seagull species include the brown-headed gull, the black-headed gull, and the lesser black-headed gull.

How Seagulls Thrive Amongst People

Seagulls are pretty good at getting used to being around people. You've probably seen them stealing food from your hand or plate.

Normally, they won't actually attack people unless they think they're in danger. But, if they believe someone's getting too close to their babies, they might swoop down or dive to scare them away.

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