Bird Deterrents

Bird Deterrents

How does it work?

Wind-powered bird deterrents often use shiny materials that reflect sunlight as they move in the wind. One example is a system with stainless steel wires on a spinning disc. Even a gentle breeze makes the disc turn, scaring away stubborn birds like pigeons and some other big birds.

Using Acoustic Sound Pressure to Frighten Birds Away

Another way to deter birds is by using sound pressure. This is the change in air pressure caused by sound waves. A frequency that humans can't hear is sent out with strong sound pressure, making birds uncomfortable and scaring them off.

The sound turns on at different times and is created by a random number generator. To cover a whole area, the sound-emitting devices should be 5-7 meters apart.

Can Ultrasonic Devices Keep Pigeons Away?

Ultrasonic devices might work a bit, but their effectiveness depends on the type of sound, where they're set up, the surface they cover, and other factors.

Pigeons can get used to constant sounds, so it's usually better to use a mix of different methods.

The Eagle Eye works best in direct sunlight, but artificial light works too, especially in shaded spots or buildings. It's the first pigeon barrier that effectively keeps birds away from unwanted places like buildings, farms, airstrips, and more. The longer it's used, the better it works.

Birds are creatures of habit. Once they find a spot, they tend to come back. If you disturb them regularly, they'll likely find a new place to stay.

Remember, birds will always return to their nests if there are chicks or eggs. So, it's crucial to remove all nests for effective bird control.

Valuing the Visual Appeal

How things look matters to us. When it comes to national monuments, there are strict rules about making changes. We often chat with an architect to figure out the best and most effective solution.

Anticimex has a big collection of custom bird protection projects for monuments, churches, national buildings, and other cultural spots.

Anti-Bird Lasers: A Bright Solution

Farmers often use devices like the Agrilaser, which emits bright laser beams to scare birds away from a larger area. These lasers can be set up on the ground or on roofs.

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