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Anticimex SMART

The Anticimex SMART Method - Why it Works?

Instead of focusing on symptoms, the Anticimex SMART method is solving the root cause of pest infestations. With constant monitoring and instant response time, SMART protects your business 24/7 and prevents costly damages in a sustainable and non-toxic way. Watch why it works here.

How SMART Works?

Traditionally, pest control solutions rely on quarterly or monthly physical inspections. But now, with Anticimex SMART, this is a thing of the past. With non-toxic traps and 24/7 constant monitoring devices, we've turned traditional pest control known as a reactive guessing game into fact-based science with the ability to detect pests before you even see them. Anticimex SMART team is ready to design the solution that best suits your environments in 3 simple steps as below.

Stay ahead of rodents

No matter if you are running a city or a business, you need to stay ahead. In today’s connected world, being on top of business risks, competition and improvements to every detail of your business – has never been more important. You need to have a plan for every part of your operations. Being proactive. Not reacting when it’s too late. But pest control hasn’t changed much through the history of time. Until now.

With Anticimex SMART you’ll stay ahead of rodents and fight the problem with data, instead of poison. Our experts work together with our smart system to deliver the most precise pest control solution there is. With Anticimex Smart you’ll get a rodent-free business and reports of all activity. Proof that you’re staying ahead of rodents to secure healthy, rat-free environments, where people want to live and work.

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Digital pest control is the future. Anticimex use data instead of poison fighting pests all around the world. Watch the video for more information.

SMART Solutions

The basic arrangement of Anticimex SMART equipment in a glance.

Anticimex SMART Solutions

Discover SMART Devices

The Anticimex Smart system has been developed by our R&D team at the Anticimex Innovation Center, based in Denmark. The system and its devices make use of cutting-edge and unique technologies.

Anticimex Innovation Center

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Anticimex SMART Team is always ready to serve you with our 24/7 digital pest control for your home or business. Send us an email to learn more about Anticimex SMART today.

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