Get Rid of Pigeons on Balcony and Terrace

Get Rid of Pigeons on Balcony & Terrace

Potential Roof Damage Caused by Birds

If you don't take steps to stop them, pigeons and birds like house sparrows, crows, mynas, starlings, or magpies can mess up your balcony and be a real bother.

Noise and Disturbance

Pigeons and other birds are quite noisy birds, and their constant cooing or squawking can be really bothersome for people. During the breeding season, these birds can also get territorial, becoming aggressive towards humans, pets, or other birds.

Birds Can Spread Diseases

These birds are not known for being very clean. They'll peck at anything in their way. Plus, their droppings can carry diseases. Specifically, areas with bird droppings can promote the growth of a fungus that causes histoplasmosis.

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Protect Your Balcony: Effective Measures to Prevent Bird Damage

When bird problems persist or become severe, seeking advice from bird control specialists is crucial. With decades of experience, Anticimex can provide you with a compliant and effective solution to bird control in Singapore.

Did you know that the nets keeping cats safe on balconies work like the ones stopping pigeons?

If you live in a tall apartment and own a cat, it's crucial to stop them from jumping to lower balconies. Cat nets, in black or clear, with either small or large holes, are made to keep birds out while letting your cat stay safely inside.

Gardens, Sheds, Fruit Trees or a Vegetable Garden

If you have various plants, vegetable garden, or other crops in your garden, you might face a common issue. Your plants are doing well, but birds like pigeons, sparrows, or magpies are always ready to snatch your harvest.

To keep these birds from stealing your fruits and veggies, it's essential to set up some finely meshed bird netting or try out other do-it-yourself bird protection methods.

Birds in the Attic: More Than Just Noise

People often wonder: is having birds in the attic a problem? At first, it might not seem like a big deal if they find their way in and nest quietly.

However, things change when they start making noise. Pigeons, for example, are not very clean, and their droppings not only smell bad but can also damage surfaces.

Health Risks:

Birds can carry diseases. If they take over your attic, and you have to go up there often, it might lead to breathing or lung problems, and you could catch other diseases.

Nesting Troubles:

Birds need materials to build their nests, like small branches, sticks, soft stuff, and leaves. If you have a thatched roof, they might pull it apart, causing leaks. Some birds are even known for swiping shiny things to decorate their nests.

Keeping Pigeons Away from Your Balcony: Tips that Spare Other Birds

People often enjoy having parakeets, robins, house sparrows, jays, and other small birds on their balcony but want to keep pigeons away. It might be a bit tricky, but here are some things you can try.

1. Use Wide-Mazed Netting:

Install netting with wider holes. This allows smaller birds like house sparrows to pass through but keeps bigger birds, especially pigeons, out.

2. Block Pigeon Spots:

Cover places where pigeons like to land or rest with netting, spikes, or wires. Also, make sure trees don't get too dense, as it could become a hidden nesting spot. Keep hedges trimmed; smaller birds like nesting there.

3. Cut Off Food Sources:

Cover trash cans, berry bushes, and fruit trees. Clean up food spills and crumbs. Avoid feeding pigeons, as they remember food sources really well.

4. Choose the Right Bird Feeder:

If you want to hang up bird feeders, make sure to use ones that pigeons can't easily access. Pigeon-proof or feeders with smaller perches work well. Some feeders are also caged or weight-activated, and there are feeds specific to certain birds. Avoid ground feeding.

Additional Tip:

If the above doesn't work, try removing the bird feeder for a while. This break might help discourage pigeons from hanging around.

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