Why Choose Safe Pest Control The Perks of Going Non-Toxic

Why Choose Safe Pest Control: The Perks of Going Non-Toxic

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Pest control can sometimes seem cruel to animals. While catch and release works in some cases, controlling pests is often necessary to keep food safe and hygienic.

Anticimex SMART uses a kind approach with instant mechanical traps that prevent unnecessary suffering. We avoid using glue traps, snap traps, and poisons as much as possible.

Relax with Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Traditional pest control only works when a technician is on-site or an employee spots pests, leaving lots of chances for pests to go unnoticed.

Our SMART system, on the other hand, offers 24/7 monitoring with smart traps, sensors, and cameras that detect activity and temperature changes. These devices are placed in hard-to-reach spots, low-traffic areas, and places where pests are most likely to be.

This continuous monitoring means we can check every corner of your facility, leaving no hiding place for pests. It also helps us quickly identify and respond to high-risk areas with lots of pest activity.

Faster response time

Our 24/7 monitoring system lets us catch the first signs of pests and fix the problem before it gets worse.

This is a big change from traditional pest control, which reacts to problems only after they are noticed. Now, we focus on preventing issues and acting fast at the first sign of trouble, instead of dealing with pests after they've already become a problem.

With constant monitoring, we can spot vulnerable or high-risk areas and take steps to prevent pests, move traps to better locations, and concentrate our efforts where pests are active. The result? Easy, worry-free pest control for you.


Anticimex SMART helps your company meet its sustainability goals.

Since our traps don’t use poison, there’s no risk of harmful chemicals leaking into the soil and harming the environment.

Plus, our SMART systems have multi-catch traps, so they can catch multiple pests without needing frequent trips, reducing CO² emissions from unnecessary car travel.

Using sustainable pest control practices protects the environment, promotes health and safety, meets regulations, improves your brand image, and can save money in the long run.

SMART Risk Analysis

Before we install the SMART system, we do a detailed on-site analysis. This includes looking at the building and its surroundings, talking to staff, and reviewing past data.

Using our pest control expertise, we identify high-risk areas and start our targeted pest control strategy there. Starting strong helps us quickly get your pest problem under control.

No Chemical Contamination in Production

In the past, spraying for flies or moths meant covering the entire facility with plastic to keep chemicals away from products, employees, and raw materials. Sometimes, production even had to stop.

With non-toxic pest control, this is no longer an issue. Production can continue 24/7. Our heat treatments and mechanical traps ensure there’s no risk of chemical contamination.

Safety and transparency

  • Peace of Mind: Non-toxic solutions reduce health risks for families, pets, and employees.
  • Better Indoor Air Quality: Without harmful chemicals, the air stays healthier.
  • Employee Comfort: Employees feel more at ease knowing they won't encounter pests or contaminated areas. They also feel safer without airborne chemicals.
  • No Dead Pests Attracting Others: Toxic solutions can cause rodents to die in hidden places, attracting flies or maggots. Our SMART traps work instantly, preventing this problem.

The Essential Pest Control Partner for Your Business

Quality, facility, or plant managers have a tough job protecting perishable foods from pests. Many markets have low tolerance for pest damage and face strict inspections and audits.

There are also challenges with reducing the use of pesticides while still meeting the demand for pesticide-free food.

Pest management is becoming a big challenge for the fast-moving consumer goods industry, especially with large, complex facilities and many vulnerable areas.

At Anticimex, we have the experience, regulatory knowledge, and advanced pest control systems to help you pass audits easily, so you can focus on other important things besides pests.

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