Anticimex stops using light traps with mercury

Press release

Anticimex is now initiating a phasing out of light traps containing mercury. The insect traps and associated fluorescent lamps will be replaced with new UV LED technology. The new lighting technology provides great environmental benefits - LED fluorescent lamps are free of mercury, reduce energy consumption and have a longer lifespan. The light sources can also be sent for recycling instead of destruction.

In pest control, light traps are used to monitor, capture, and identify flying insects. The insects are drawn to a UV light point in the trap and get stuck on adhesive sheets. The fluorescent tubes found in traditional light traps contain various levels of mercury that are harmful to the environment and human health. Within the EU, the use of mercury has been phased out for several years, with the exception of certain lamps and fluorescent lamps, including in light traps, as there have been no working alternatives. But thanks to the fact that there are now traps with LED fluorescent lamps completely free of mercury, Anticimex can start phasing out the traditional light traps.

- Phasing out hazardous substances is an important part of our sustainability work. We continuously develop and evaluate new methods and technologies that streamline our services with as little impact on people and the environment as possible.

Anticimex currently helps around 31,000 businesses with its pest protection and purchases approximately 1,700 light traps and approximately 24,000 fluorescent lamps each year *. The fluorescent lamps in each unit are replaced annually and the old ones are sent for destruction. The maximum amount of mercury allowed in low energy lamps is 2.5 mg and the fluorescent lamps in the light traps contain around 1.0 mg of mercury.

- We know that many of our customers demand a more energy-efficient and sustainable alternative free of mercury, says Robin Ljungström. The new light traps have a longer lifespan and when they are used up, they can be sent for recycling instead of destruction.

The phasing-out period will last until 2026, when all light traps at Anticimex's customers will consist of the new LED technology completely without mercury.

* Figures are taken from what was consumed in 2020

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